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One of the most popular college degrees today is a degree in Business. But, what do we mean when we say Business? Couldn’t that include just about anything? Believe it or not, there are some specific jobs within the business field that require business career training along with experience and education.

Which Career In Business Is The Right Choice For You?

We have gathered questions and information about each of these careers to make choosing a career a little easier for you.

Do you enjoy motivating and developing the people around you?You may want to consider Business Management Careers.

Are you assertive and passionate about products that you believe in? You may want to consider Sales and Marketing.

Are you analytical and numbers oriented? You may want to consider Accounting.

Are you a competitive person that enjoys following financial trends? You may want to consider Finance.

Are you fair-minded and able to advocate for both sides in a conflict? You may want to consider Human Resources.

Are you a sports fan that rather be behind the scenes instead of out on the field? You may want to consider Sports Management.

What Else Should You Know About Business Careers?

The business field is made up of a wide variety of positions, each of which plays an important part in our daily lives. From the restaurant where you ate dinner last night, to the movie studio that produced the blockbuster you’re rushing out to see this weekend, business is everywhere.

Business Career Training When many people think of business, they picture stuffy old men wearing suits and sitting in offices. This doesn’t always have to be the case! Corporate America is changing all the time. Companies are learning to value diversity and focus on employee happiness. This change in attitude is also changing the way business looks.
Many large corporations now offer a wide variety of benefits. In addition to traditional benefits such as healthcare and retirement plans, some companies are offering flexible work schedules, on-site childcare, exercise facilities, or relaxed dress codes.

Advancements in technology have also allowed companies to offer a variety of telecommuting positions.

What you see here only scratches the surface of what the business field has to offer. If you keep an open mind and do your homework, you will find the business career that is right for you!

What About The Money?

Salary is an important consideration when choosing a career. Business salaries may depend on many factors. Salaries in this field vary depending on the type of corporation you work for, the level of your position, your experience, and your level of education. Click here to compare the salaries for Business careers to the salaries of other fields.

Business Management Careers Every business requires managers. Management positions give you the opportunity to motivate those around you. See what it takes to become a manager in the business world.

Marketing Careers

Marketing and Sales positions are perfect for those who like to make friends and influence people everywhere they go. Does this sound like you? If so, click here.

Accounting Careers

Accountants form the financial backbone of most corporations. Do you have a love of numbers? If you so, click here to learn about a Career in Accounting.

Finance Careers

Everyone needs a little advice about how to manage their money. With a career in Finance, you can be the one giving the advice. Visit this link to learn more.

Human Resources Careers

In today’s business world, employees need an advocate. Human Resource professionals are there to meet this need which contributes to some of the best careers today. See what it takes to become a part of this great field.

Sports Management Careers

Sports are all about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. If you have a love of sports, but don't have the athletic ability to become next year’s MVP, you might want to think about a Career in Sports Management.

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