Respiratory Therapist Careers

Respiratory Therapist Careers

So you think you want a career as a Respiratory Therapist? Ask yourself the following questions . . .

• Do you like studying such topics as biology, physics, chemistry, and health science?

• Do you like people?

• Are you interested in evaluating and treating individuals for breathing problems?

• Are you willing to work in a hospital setting if needed?

• Are you willing to work flexible hours depending on the needs of your position?

• Are you able to be sensitive to a patient’s physical and psychological needs?

The Facts About Respiratory Therapy

The Facts About Respiratory Therapist • A minimum of an associate’s degree is required to become a respiratory therapist. A Bachelors degree may be needed if you are looking to advance.

• Licensing is required in only 40 states however, it is strongly preferred everywhere.

• Job outlook is projected to be very strong.

• Most people working in respiratory therapy start off in a general care setting and advance to the care of critically ill patients.

• Safety precautions and regular maintenance and testing of equipment are necessary in order to minimize the risk of injury.

How Much Money Can I Make In Respiratory Therapy?

Career Salaries

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in 2007 the median annual salary for a Career in Respiratory Therapy was $47,420. The salary range for these positions was between $35,220 and $64,190. Your salary may depend on the state that you live in. Click here to compare the salary for a Respiratory Therapist to other career salaries.

Ready to Start A Career In Respiratory Therapy?

Click here to learn about the steps to get started in a Respiratory Therapy Career.

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