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The Internet! The lifeline of communication in today’s world! The Internet is not only a great place for information but it is a great place to network. One of the best networking ideas that we can give you is to go online. There are several popular online social networking sites that can assist you in your career search.

Networking Tips

Facebook is currently the most widely-used and popular social networking sites. Facebook allows users to create a profile, to add friends and send them messages, and to join networks. The networks on Facebook are organized by city, school, region, or workplace. Facebook can allow you to keep in touch with contacts you have made in all aspects of your life from elementary school, to college, to your first job and beyond. A social networking tool like Facebook can allow you to send messages to all of your contacts letting them know the type of help you are looking for or the career you are beginning. You may be pleasantly surprised when your next-door neighbor from the fifth grade turns out to be a recruiter for the field you are entering!

LinkedIn is another excellent social networking website. The benefits of networking through a site like LinkedIn is that it is directed towards professional people looking to network with other professionals. LinkedIn allows you to create a profile listing your past and present professional accomplishments. It also allows you to stay in touch with colleagues and join groups that give you access to experts, career ideas, and job opportunities. The advantage to joining LinkedIn as opposed to other social networking sites is that the stage is already set for you to talk about your career choices.

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There are hundreds of other sites that cater to specific communities. These sites include everything from networking for book-lovers to networking for people who speak Finnish. Search and you will find a site that is right for you!

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