Hotel Management Jobs

Hotel Management Jobs

Hotel management jobs are not only an exciting path in the hospitality industry; they also mark a sense of accomplishment to those who have worked hard to earn a position as a leader. Weather you are already working in a hotel or wanting to make the next big leap to management, it is important to know your resources and know where exactly to look for these positions.

So get organized and get a plan of action ready so that you can research some great sites in a productive manner and get that job!

Hotel Management Jobs: The Sites

This is a great website for Hotel General Management Jobs and usually the first one to come up using any major search engine. It’s very user-friendly and easy on the eyes. Like any job searching site, you can search for positions, create a profile, and post a resume. What I like is that they have a career events page that will feature upcoming events and a job detective feature that will e-mail you posting for available hotel management jobs.

While not entirely geared to hotel general management jobs, this site will bring you back all hotel positions based on the criteria that you place in the search fields. You can narrow down your search by category, state, and even most popular. The features on this site are not as vast as others however, it makes up for it with the amount of positions it will bring back to you.

The is another website that may not have the all of the pretty, eye-pooping effects of other job search engines out there however, it makes up for it with it’s features. Aside from searching for hotel management jobs, you can search for international hotel jobs, post your resume, seek professional resume writing services, and use their job seeker toolkit. This site has many resources and is one I would recommend using.

Lastly, I would suggest looking at corporate websites such as Marriott, Hilton etc. These websites will post positions that are available and they may not necessarily be available on the websites that I mentioned earlier. Like anything else, it is a numbers game so if your main intention is to get into hotel management then you will be on the right track.

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