Careers In Corrections

Careers In Corrections Careers in corrections can be exciting and rewarding!

Are you ready to begin the steps to discover if a career as a corrections officer will be a good fit for you? Read on to learn more . . .

The Steps To Starting Careers In Corrections

Careers In Criminal Justice

If you think this is the right career for you, here are some steps you can take . . .

Step 1

Look for openings!

Check your local and county jails for job openings. Remember, you may only be required to have a high school diploma and no felony convictions to apply for these positions.

Step 2

Attend the Academy!

Some states may require that you attend a corrections academy. Check with your state board of corrections to find out if this is a necessary step for you.

Step 3


Seek higher education. By earning a bachelor’s or masters degree, you open yourself more up to opportunities at the federal level. Federal corrections employees earn higher pay and have safer, more stable working conditions.

Step 4

Enhance your computer skills!

As you move through the ranks, you will find that having more computer skills will help you to also have more opportunities.

Step 5

Learn a language!

Learn a second language if you don't already know one. We live in a multicultural world and the more different types of people you can communicate with, the more valuable you will be to your future employer.

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