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Almost everyone has had some career search experiences. Even when we are kids, we are already searching for our future career. In a perfect world, everyone would be born knowing exactly what they want to be when they grow up. But we don’t live in a perfect world! Most of us go through a lot of different experiences before we find the career that is right for us.

• Did you make a midlife career change from a career that made you miserable to one that makes you happy?

• Are you unhappy with your current job and thinking about searching for a new career?

• Are you currently working in a great career and have advice to share with others thinking about entering your field?

• Do you know the inside dirt on a job and want to give other a heads up before they make a change?

• Do you have great career ideas that you would love to share with other people?

Good, bad, or ugly, we want to hear your story! You don’t have to share the company you work or worked for and you can use an alias if you want. Your story will appear on this site and may even be featured on one of our Career Search and More main pages!

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