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Testing Room offers online free career assessment tests that are focused on assisting you in better knowing yourself and your interests. They also provide users with free career aptitude information, exercises to aid in career planning, and tips for better living.

Testing Room offers three different free career interest tests, a Career Interest Profiler, a Career Values Overview, and a Personality Index. Each report offers a free preview that is about one paragraph long. The detailed reports are $14.95 each and they are approximately 15 to 16 pages long. You are also able to view sample reports of each career placement test before purchasing.

The Career Interest Profiler consists of 184 questions divided into 3 different sections. The first section asks you to state whether you like or dislike certain school subjects, the next section asks you to rate certain occupations and the last section asks you to rate work-related activities. The detailed report shows your scores on different interest scales. It also includes a detailed analysis of your top two career interests.

The Career Values Overview consists of 88 questions. Each question asks you to rate a particular value. For example, you may be asked if it is important to you to set your own goals and make your own schedule. The detailed report provides you with an analysis of each of your career values and how they impact your life as well as an analysis of what is satisfying to you in a career.

The Personality Index consists of 137 questions each asking you to agree or disagree with a statement about a personality characteristic. For example, you may be asked to agree or disagree with a statement like, “I keep going until the job is done.” The detailed report provides you with Testing Room’s “Tips for Better Living” based on your personality traits, a description of your strengths and weaknesses, and a detailed analysis of the factors that make up your personality.

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