Top Career and Job Search Tips in Today's Economy

Career and Job Search

In today’s economy, the way you conduct your career and job search will separate yourself from the rest of the competition. It’s a scary world out there where finding a good paying job at a great company is very hard to come by. It’s important to make sure that you are constantly improving yourself to attract the eye of a potential employer. So where does one even begin with their career and job search? Sometimes it can be like finding a needle in a haystack and can get frustrating. However, by keeping focus and staying organized it will allow you to get a handle on your career search to find that job.

Tips that will help you in your career and job search.

1. Organization

As we previously mentioned, searching for a job could be like finding a needle in a haystack. Therefore, it’s vital to have organization while your search is going on. If you find it beneficial to track your progress by either writing your searches down or tracking them on a word document then we suggest doing that. Being organized will help you settle that unpopular overwhelming feeling and keep that focus sharp on the search.

2. Establish Control

If you are currently unemployed while conducting job search, then you should attempt to treat this like a full time job. Have your daily routines just as if you were working a full time job. If you are currently employed then make sure you are doing at least one thing a day that contributes to finding a job. You can even journal this progress to make sure you are not duplicating efforts and making strides in the right direction.

3. Resume

Your job search will never see the light of day if you don’t have a solid resume. Send your resume to your family and friends to have them be the second pair of eyes to check and make sure it’s free of grammatical errors. You can also contact a professional resume writer or search for online resume services that offer a free critique. It’s imperative that your resume mirrors your true qualifications and stands out in the crowd among the others who are attempting a career and job search in today’s economy.

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4. Network

Many people find out about a job opportunity through someone they know or just by word of mouth. Some will never go to job search sites as they network so well that their career and job search consists of sending their resume to that contact person and then going through the interview process. Make a list of everyone that you know and state their job title and the company they are employed with. Reach out to them and see what advice they have to give you. Continuous networking will help get your story out to the masses and then in return could lead you to some great opportunities.

5. Interview Skills

So you get the interview now what? It’s time for the preparation. Research commonly asked interview questions and have a friend or family member ask them to you. This will help enhance your speaking and presentation skills. You should also create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines your past successes. This will allow the potential employer to get a good insight as to your professional background and experience.

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