Career Personal Training

Career Personal Training

Career Personal Training may sound like a something you would hear at your local gym however; it is really another term for career coaching. In life, there are many individuals that act as coaches and mentors along the way. Some may help us with our personal finances , some with our personal issues, and others with our career choices. Career personal training allows us to really take a step back and evaluate who we are as people and what is our purpose in life.

One can begin this journey by researching how to find a career coach. But are career coaches really worth it? Do they value your best interest and more importantly, are they going to get you to where you want to be?

We have outlined nine tips on how to find a career coach that is going to change your life!

Find A Career Coach

People will say that they are qualified to give career advice but you will always have to do your research to make the decisions to see if they are right for career personal training.

1. Work Experience

In this person in the field that you want to be in? Most career coaches have been training in the field of career coaching but do they actually know what it takes to do what you want to do? If you are seeking financial advice, would you rather have it done by someone who has been in the industry or someone who has just studied it.

2. Credibility

If your coach credible? Are they active in the industry? Have they written books? If so what is their reputation? These are all very important questions to ask!!!

3. Testimonals

Are they willing to let you see references from past clients? Make sure you are shown more than three as less than two may be deceiving.

4. Contact

Some life coaches will prefer that you come in person for your career personal training. Others will prefer over the phone and others will prefer e-mail. To get the most out of experience, it is suggested that all career coaching and planning be done in person.

5. Goals

A good career coach should help you define goals. They should work with you to outline a detailed plan that has small milestones leading up to the big overall goal.

6. Consultation

Your first meeting should be free so if there is a charge for this initial encounter than a red flag needs to be raised. Chemistry should also be established in this first meeting. Weather it’s good or bad, you should be able to tell if this is someone that you are capable of working with.

7. Guarantee

Find out in advance what is the course of action if the plan that your career coach has laid out for you does not work. Will they refund you in full or will they extend their time with you? These are all vital answers that must be

8. Fees

Find out what the overall cost is for using this person as a coach. Some will only want you to come for one or two sessions while others may want a long-term commitment for your career personal training. Ask questions and find out what the details are so you can make a decision as to if this is something you can even afford.

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