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With today’s job market trends, attempting to pursue careers in technology can be a very smart move.

Next to healthcare careers, technology careers are going to create a great opportunity for those who would like to go into it. Think about the world we live in today and then think about how much of that world relies and depends on technology. Technology Careers are not going anywhere and in fact, they are only going to get more important as years go on.

From personal experience to knowing friends that are job searching I hear the same thing all the time and that is that the majority of the job postings are for technology jobs. So with that said and along with the constantly competitive and innovative nature of modern technology then it’s no wonder why this field is one of the best places to be for your career.

So we have discussed technology careers on the

Information Technology Careers page of this website. However, information technology also crosses paths with environmental and medical science in today’s careers. These careers will reply on technology to do a variety of different roles. Below are some examples of what career choices combine careers in technology and science.

• Biomedical engineer

• Civil engineer

• Computer software engineer

• Computer support specialist

• Computer systems analyst

• Environmental engineering technician

• Environmental science technician

• Hydrologist

• Meteorologist

• Network architect

In a recent article called “Best Bet For Jobs in 2012”, nine occupations are looked at as having great growth potential in the next year. Out of those nine, three are careers that we have listed above. If you are like me and enjoy doing your research and making calculated decisions based on trends, well then you can plainly see from this data how a career in technology is not only growing but great path to be on for your career.

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Information Technology Careers

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